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XRacer game

XRacer game

Создана: 2023-10-27 348
XRacer is a blockchain game that combines NFT, DeFi and Gaming to create truly amazing experiences for users. Collect your racecar NFT and start your epic journey. Fight your way to monetize your NFT as well as to earn Nitro and XT
XRacer's vision is to build a diverse gaming ecosystem that connects traditional gamers with the blockchain world and helps them embrace the blockchain world

The Features of XRacer :
1. Decentralized: XRacer is a game world owned by players to explore and discover
2. Real Time: XRacer's game rewards are distributed in real time by the vault
3.Connectivity: XRacer's assets can be extended to other chains in the future
4.Creativity: The NFT design of XRacer is created jointly by several artists
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